Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red Sox's Dustin Pedroia Visits Indresano Photography

At times we have to venture out of the studio-
it's a good thing Michael owns this warehouse space.
It takes a lot of set-up for this kind of shoot, but the crew enjoys the challenge.

Intern Robyn Maguire earns her keep making that car shine, while Digital Tech Rob Coshow "supervises" (a.k.a. slacks off).

A behind-the-scenes peek at how Michael perfects his acclaimed lighting.

Chevy Dealership Owner, Gary Beard,
takes a shot of his Camaro for the last time.

Rob inspects the set-up while Greg stands in for Dustin.

Dustin's arrival.

Pedroia gets ready for a quick outfit change, with assistance from WEEI's, Emily Starr and Melissa Capuano.

Handing over the keys: The Camaro is Dustin's for the summer, then one lucky winner gets to keep it!

Lunchpail Production's Videographer, Jason Jenkins, covered the shoot.

Play his video for complete coverage of the shoot:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photography Masters Cup Honors Indresano

LONDON- Professional Photographer Michael Indresano of USA was presented with the 3rd Annual Photography Masters Cup Nominee Award in the category of Still Life at a prestigious live online Winners and Nomination Ceremony presented by International Color Awards to recognize excellence in color photography.

Thousands of images were received from ninety-two countries. The nominated photographers were selected by a who's who Judging Panel from the international photography community, including Christie's (New York), National Geographic (Washington) and Fox Broadcasting Company (Los Angeles). The Panel reviewed the images online over an eight week period and Michael Indresano's "Shaker & Fries," an exceptional image entered in the Still Life category, received a high percentage of votes overall.

"The Masters Cup celebrates photographers who operate at the highest levels of their craft," said the awards Creative Director, Basil O'Brien. "Michael Indresano's work represents color photography at its finest and we're pleased to present him with the title of Nominee."

You can view the 3rd Annual Winners Gallery online at

INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS, PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CUP is the leading international award honoring excellence in color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and non-professional photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in color photography.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Renowned Food Stylist, John Carafoli

Food Stylist, Food Consultant, and Author, John Carafoli works with Indresano.

Meticulously placing every component is all in a day's work.

John determines the best angle possible for the sandwiches.

He uses his trusty tweezers to finalize the sandwiches.

Taste! Style! Carafoli.

That's a Wrap!!

If these deli sandwiches don't cut it for you, check out his gourmet work at: